What's in this course

This course is a result of many years of experience with teaching Witchcraft and seeing the hurdles students are facing at the beginning of their journey. My aim was to create a course that is not based on a specific witchcraft tradition, but instead gives students a solid foundation in the basic principles that many witchcraft traditions have in common. The course was designed to give students a head start on their own unique journey to discover their own magick.

  • Unlimited access to over 5.5 hours of HD video lectures + Bonus Printable Reference Sheets for Herbs and Crystals

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Modern Witchcraft step-by-step.

  • Master Witch Tools like Talismans, Witch Bottles or Scrying in a dark mirror.

  • Learn how to Cast and Uncast a Magical Circle

  • Learn how to Use the Moon Phases to Your Advantage

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I’m loving this course!

by Lesli J

I’ve been reading books and studying my new craft for almost 6 months and have gotten overwhelmed and even found too many answers. This course has broken down the basics while still allowing me to experience things such as energy work for charging items. I’m getting course 2 for sure. Thank you Astrid!

This course was phenomenal.

Tiffany R

There was so much good information. She did a really good job with her explanations and the information was easy to comprehend. I’ll definitely will be checking out her other courses.

Wonderful course!

by Mia T

Astrid is so clear and easy to understand in her explanations, I just love her courses. I have many books and have been trying to get a grasp of everything through reading, but nothing beats a clear explanation and visual representation of what things are and how to use them, like Astrid does. Thank you again! Blessed be.

Course curriculum

    1. The Main Ingredient of Every Spell...

    2. The Anatomy of a Spell

    3. How to Make Your Spells Work

    4. Analyzing the Spell's Results

    5. The Power of the Right Intention

    1. Relaxation Ritual

    2. Raising energy levels

    3. Charging an Object

    1. How Correspondences Make up a Spell

    2. Color Correspondences

    3. Moon Phases

    4. The Magical Use of Herbs + Downloadable PDF

    5. The Magical Use of Crystals + Downloadable PDF

    6. Divination Methods

    1. What is a Sacred Space?

    2. How to Cast a Magic Circle?

    3. Different Types of Altars and Their Uses

    4. Cleansing and Protection of a Sacred Space and Tools

    1. How to Do Sigil Magick ?

    2. How to Make a Talisman ?

    3. How to Make a Witch Bottle ?

    4. How to Do Candle Spells ?

    5. Scrying in a Black Mirror

Witchcraft Foundation Course

  • $19.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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