What's in this course

In this course, we will look at practical methods on how to develop, train, and control your psychic abilities. My aim was to make a course that would help and lead the students on their journey with extra sensory perception, without unnecessary bias and complexities. I believe that anyone can develop these skills and benefit from their awesome power!

  • Unlimited access to over 4 hours of HD video lectures

  • Learn how to do remote viewing

  • Learn how to read objects through psychic sight, touch or purely through intuition.

  • Learn how to open, close down and ground after a psychic reading

  • 5 Psychic Test video lessons, where you can test your psychic abilities as you watch

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Very inspiring!

by Inga L.

Fabulous, clear explanations and terrific insights. I am much more comfortable of myself now. I was really afraid to embrace this part of me, but after taking this course I feel more reassured that I’m not ‘strange’ or ‘silly’ and am accepting of me as I am, whatever others may think about this. Thank you Astrid for your warm energy and wisdom that you so generously share. X

Great beginners course!

by Lottie R.

I'm just starting out and already taking tons of notes. I find the content easy to follow, and Astrid has a lovely voice and presentation that makes me look forward to these courses. I would recommend it, whether you are new or consider yourself experienced in psychic development.

Would definitely recommend

by Jarett M

This course left a lasting impression, it was magical and yet deep with ancient wisdom. I can not wait to take more courses from Astrid The Witch!!! It helped me on my journey to using my psychic gifts to help others, get to know myself- and who knows..maybe make this my daytime job one day.

Course curriculum

    1. What does it mean to be a psychic?

    1. How to trust your intuition?

    2. Do you need to open your third eye?

    3. Can you predict future through psychic senses?

    1. What kind of intuitive are you?

    2. Type A: Preliminary training

    3. Type B: Preliminary training

    4. Preparing your space for the psychic reading

    5. How to enter into the meditative trance

    6. How to ground yourself

    7. Most common blockages and how to overcome them

    1. Clairvoyance training

    2. Connecting with your spirit guides

    3. Seeing and analysing Auras

    4. Remote viewing training

    5. Psychometry training

    6. Clairaudience training

    7. Psychic Intuition and Clairsentience training

    1. Closing down the reading session

    2. How to protect yourself and how to keep your energy clean

    1. Test 1 - Reading a physical object

    2. Test 2 - Reading a physical object

    3. Test 3 - Reading a physical object

    4. Test 4 - Reading an unknown symbol

    5. Test 5 - Remote viewing

Clairvoyance and Psychic Development

  • $19.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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