What's in this course

Connect with the cards on a deep, intuitive level, explore the Tarot as a map of the Universe and develop your own unique style of reading. Work your way through the daily activities of this course and you'll be reading Tarot cards with ease - and without mechanical memorization, frustration, bias, or feelings of intimidation and being overwhelmed!

  • Unlimited access to over 6.5 hours of HD video lectures + Downloadable Charts with Keywords, so you never go blank in a reading again

  • Daily activities for each day of learning for more intuitive hands-on learning

  • Tips on how to effectively overcome the most common obstacles

  • An example of an Intuitive Reading, explained step-by-step

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Amazing course!

by illaria G

I binged this course in a day, but it was so insightful. I learnt the elements associated with the suits, and the lifecycle of events that occur in human life. Its really awe inspiring that i could perform a few sessions for friends, and they liked it. I overall feel, the instructor is so good, she had transferred her passion and joy for reading the tarot to her students. Overall i highly recommend this course for reading tarot for beginners.

Just fabulous!

Eva M

I have taken tarot classes and read books and blogs and struggled for years to understand tarot— NONE of them mentioned what was taught in this class and the information provided here was a game changer. Not only has my understanding developed but I was able to (according to them) read for several friends with accuracy that totally shocked them. She’s amazing and she presents the information in a way that is completely digestible. I highly recommend this course and I will absolutely be taking her other programs.

Resonates perfectly and naturally, spirit definitely led me to you for teaching!!!!!!!!!

by Jasmine B

This course is exactly what I needed. The freestyle tarot reading is a an amazing discovery for me. It give so much freedom, fun and really unleash my intuition. Thank you so much for this very precious course.

Course curriculum

    1. Day 1 : Choosing your Tarot deck

    2. Day 2 : Taking care of your Tarot deck - Cleansing and Storing

    3. Day 3: Creating Library of Intuitive Meanings - Using Tarot Journal

    4. Day 4 : Intuitively Connecting with the Deck, Entering and Feeling the cards

    5. Day 5: Understanding the Minor Arcana

    6. Day 6: Understanding the Suit of Wands

    7. Day 7: Journey through the Suit of Wands

    8. Day 8: Understanding the Suit of Cups

    9. Day 9: Journey through the Suit of Cups

    10. Day 10: Understanding the Suit of Swords

    11. Day 11: Journey through the Suit of Swords

    12. Day 12: Understanding the Suit of Pentacles

    13. Day 13: Journey through the Suit of Pentacles

    14. Day 14: Diving into Court Cards

    15. Day 15: Understanding the Major Arcana

    16. Day 16: Major Arcana Part I.

    17. Day 17: Major Arcana Part II.

    18. Day 18: Exploring Intuitive Tarot Spreads

    19. Day 19: Timing, Reversals and Context of the Cards

    20. Day 20: Performing a Full Intuitive Tarot Reading

    1. The Reading doesn't make any sense

    2. I don't like the answer the cards are giving me

    3. How to deal with a difficult client

    4. I am getting energetically drained by the Readings

    5. I am having a hard time trusting my intuition

    1. Final thoughts

    1. How to get the Magick & Witchcraft Academy certificate ?

Intuitive Tarot Masterclass: Learn Tarot Reading in 20 Days

  • $19.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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