What's in this course

In this course, you will learn, step-by-step, how to conduct a Past Life Regression Session, and what you will need to do in order to become an excellent Past Life Regression Practitioner. This course also includes a professionally recorded, downloadable Past Life Regression Guided Meditation that will lead you through a session with ease, even if you don't have any previous experience, so you can experience the same benefits from it like from a professional session.

  • Unlimited access to close to 3 hours of HD video lectures + Downloadable Session Evaluation Sheet and Guided Meditation

  • A scripted, fail-proof downloadable Cheat Sheet to help guide you through sessions

  • Learn how to induce a light trance state and deal with emotional situation during the session

  • Learn how to precisely analyze data from a Past Life Regression session

  • Explore unresolved, blocked emotions from the past

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Awesome!!! Thank you for another wonderful learning experience.

by Brittany T

I actually took the class to do past life regression on myself. It was interesting to learn the mechanics and understand why certain questions get asked or what to for emotional outbursts.

Easy to follow introduction into Past Lives

by Julianna C.

I recently took a Past Life Regression course with Astrid, and it was an absolute pleasure. Astrid is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive instructor. She provided a safe and comfortable space to explore our past lives, and gave us clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Well structured course

by Frederico P.

The course was well-structured, allowing us to progress through the different techniques at our own pace. Astrid provided guidance for each step of the way, helping us to focus our thoughts and feel comfortable enough to explore our past lives. She also provided us with helpful resources, such as audio recordings, to help us deepen our understanding of the process.

Course curriculum

    1. What Do You Need in Order to Conduct a Session? + Downloadable Past Life Session Evaluation Sheet

    2. Session Structure - Gathering Information, Induction, and Analysis

    3. Preparing a Space for the Session

    4. What is a Light Trance?

    1. Part I: What is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

    2. Exercise: Let's Try Some Real Life Examples

    3. Part II: Getting the Client into a State of Light Trance

    4. Exercise: Lets Try to Write Your own Induction Scenarios

    5. Part II: Asking the Right Questions During the Regression + Downloadable Question Sheet

    6. Exercise: Let's Try to Think About Some Questions

    7. Part II: Healing the Emotions in a Neutral Space

    8. Part III: Analyzing the Information

    1. How to do session on yourself Instructions + Downloadable Guided Meditation

    1. Dealing with an Emotional Situation

    2. Separating Memory from Fantasy

    3. When a Client is Having a Hard Time Entering a Trance State

    4. Conducting an Online Session

    5. Tips on Getting Past Life Regression Clients

    6. Final Thoughts

    1. How to get the Magick & Witchcraft Academy certificate ?

Past Life Regression Course

  • $19.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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