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Chaos Magick encourages the practitioner to explore and utilize a wide range of spiritual and magickal practices, cultures, and traditions. Practitioners of chaos magick often use sigils, meditation, rituals, and other techniques to achieve their goals. Chaos magick also encourages self-reflection, exploration, creativity, and experimentation in order to find the most effective methods to achieve the desired results.

  • Unlimited access to over 4.5 hours of HD video lectures + A Downloadable Spell Evaluation Sheet

  • Practical step-by-step training to develop key skills like Visualization and Energy Manipulation

  • Sigil Magick training and step-by-step demonstrations

  • Many practical ideas for Spells and Hands-on Exercises, turn common tools, like a remote controller, into magical tools

  • Learn how to create your own unique Chaos Magick practice

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Useful information! Astrid makes it fun too

by Ruby S

This is an very interesting and fun course with awesome activities. The Blue Bird activity was fun. I followed the instructions and one hour later I saw a blue bird. Thank you Astrid for the inspiration.

I love the way Astrid connects with her students

Alexandre H

This is a great course that adds a little extra ( pop Magick) and just doesn’t give redundant information such as “only” visualize and intention.

Very practical course

by Marcus C.

Astrid's teaching style was clear and concise, offering up step-by-step instructions for performing rituals and spells. She also provided helpful insight into the psychological and spiritual aspects of chaos magick, allowing me to better understand the philosophy of the practice.

Course curriculum

    1. Core Psychic Skills for Chaos Magic

    2. Creating a strong Magical Intent

    3. Keeping a Magical Journal + Downloadable Spell Evaluation Sheet

    4. Developing Visualization Skills

    5. Energy Manipulation training

    6. Putting it All Together!

    1. Step-by-Step Invocation

    2. More Ideas for Invocations

    1. How Does Sigil Magic Work?

    2. Sigil Creation Methods: 1. The Lettering Method

    3. Sigil Creation Methods: 2. The Pictorial Method

    4. Sigil Creation Methods: 3. The Magic Square Method

    5. Charging a Sigil and Disposing a Sigil

    6. Using Sigils in Chaos Magick

    7. Excercise: Blue Bird Sigil

    1. Living the Magical Lifestyle

    2. Using Common Tools as Magical Objects

    3. The Power of Self-Reprogramming + Downloadable Self-reprogramming Check List

    4. Exercise: Burning a Negative Energy Log

    5. What is Urban Magick?

    6. Excercise: Taking out the Negative Energy

    7. Pop Culture and Glamour Magick

    8. Exercise: Charging a Perfume with Glamour intention

    9. Social Media Magick

    10. Exercise: Using Social Media for Manifestation

    11. Video Game Magick

    12. Excercise: Create a Guardian Spirit from a Video Game, Movie, or Book

    13. More Ideas for Video Game Magick

    14. Tailoring Your Own Chaos Magick Practice to You

    1. Final Thoughts

Chaos Magic(k) Masterclass

  • $19.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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