What's in this course

Learn How to Enter, Read and Alter the Akashic Records and Gain Access to Your Past Lives or Personal and Family Karma. We will learn how to connect with your Akashic Records Guide, who will then work as a helper, advisor, and guide in your Hall of Records, where we will learn how to access the Records of events, people, and places.

  • Unlimited access to over 4.5 hours of HD video lectures + Bonus Downloadable Guided Meditation

  • Learn how to access, read and alter Akashic Records

  • Learn how to read for other people including commercial clients

  • Learn how to access knowledge from a long lost books

  • We will learn how access exciting historical events: like a construction of the Eiffel tower!

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I love this course!

by Crystal F

This course is extremely informational on how to access the Hall of Records, Meeting your Guides, Getting Information from the Records and Re-writing the Records, as well as, how to Present Friends, Family or Clients with their Readings.

The best course on the topic!

by Noemi G

I am really enjoying this course. So many questions answered and explained in an easy way to understand I have had several extensive courses on this subject, and they have been very pricey as well as hard to comprehend at times. This course by far is the best one I have taken!

Really well-explained, loved this course

by Noreen V

This is the first course I have taken from Astrid. What I appreciate is she helps you to use your own power through visualization. She empowers you by helping you develop. There are practical tips and good advice and a lot of info was covered. I enjoyed her personality and presence.

Course curriculum

    1. Who needs creative visualization training?

    2. Week one - basic visualization training

    3. Week two - incorporating other senses

    1. Preparations before you enter

    2. Meeting your personal Akashic Records Guide

    3. Entering the Hall of Records + Guided Meditation Download

    4. Grounding after the reading session

    1. Interview with a famous person

    2. Reading your own Akashic Records

    3. Visiting past events - construction of the Eiffel Tower

    4. Reading future outcomes for decisions

    5. Gathering general knowledge from Akashic Records

    6. Accessing the Past Lives - The Earliest memory technique

    1. Present focus for future results

    2. How to alter the akashic records ?

    3. Repairing personal karma and removing energetic blockages

    4. Amending Family karma

    5. Applying newly created records to everyday life

    1. What to do you need to know before reading for others?

    2. Methods of reading for other people and clients

    3. How to deliver your reading for a friend or a client ?

Akashic Records Foundation Course

  • $19.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

One-Time Payment

You gain unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return as many times as you want.

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